ACES at SeaPac

On Saturday, June 5th, Oregon ACES presented their program to the attendees at SeaPac.   The material was well-received by members and leadership from both local and state level ARES/RACES groups in attendance.  Two representatives from the Washington ACES group were there and explained their interest in the program and plans for the future.  In addition to covering the details of the program, we also announced the dates of the first two course offerings in Tillamook and Lincoln counties.  If you would like to attend either of these, go to the sign up page.

During the presentation, we had a few "pop quiz" questions from the course material, and one "performance based" contest to see who could program the offset, tone, etc into their handheld the quickest.  We gave away emergency fold-up J-Pole kits to the winners.  It was a fun way to break up the presentation, and also demonstrated two things: 1) not everyone in the room knew the answers to the questions, and 2) everyone needs more practice programming the obscure functions of their radios!

If you were unable to attend but want to get an Oregon ACES lanyard for your agency credentials, find a development team member and we will get you one.

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